Women’s apparel line dedicated to elevating comfort & minimizing decision fatigue.


We first worked with Bammies to develop a PR strategy to get media coverage for their brand. Our relationship developed further and we soon took on all their social media. Our aim was to manage and build all their accounts, create original content, aid in brand strategy, create a flourishing fan-base, and drive online sales.


Social Media Strategy
Brand Strategy
Original Branded Content Creation (Graphics, Photography, Grid Design)
Instagram Account Management
Twitter Account Management
Facebook Account Management
Copywriting + Optimized Posting
Real and Relevant Follower Growth
Accounts Engagement
Media Relations
Contests & Promotions


We grew the Bammies fanbase by over 2100 followers/month. We created an active & inspiring grid that showed off the apparel and promoted a strong female aesthetic. Through our promotions, we built a very loyal and enthusiastic customer base for this incredible brand as well as drove media coverage through news outlets such as Mashable, Miami Racked,, and

Client: Bammies
Date: December 1, 2017
Service: Social Media, PR